Betterfields Community Development

Creating a Sustainable Community today...for tomorrows World.

             Old world charm,    modern conveniences,    sustainability,   strong community.                  



                    A Community is forming 


               One that blends good things together.


                                       ~ Can you imagine a place where ~



        Join A Modern, Sustainable Eco-Community .....


    ....Of people who are committed to the support of each other through.... 

           A Commercially Viable Ecological Sound Farming Community.


     We hold the notion that a community is a living part of its natural  surroundings, not something to be built at natures expense. From the ground up we have taken a new look at Community Development, some elements of this design are obvious, while others are subtle or even unseen.



Be apart of a living Quality of Life...

Through being a member of a privately owned Community, designed to provide ourselves with nearly all our needs. A Community of people pulling together our talent's to provide our own Homes, Utilities, Jobs, Food, Income, Health Care Insurance, Friendships, Security & Peace of mind. Principles of Environmental Sustainability touch everything from your home’s methods of construction to the organic meat and produce on your table that was raised or grown by you and your fellow community members.            


Remember...What we can not purchase alone, we can afford to purchase together.                   

 Our Development Plan                               

We are looking for people who are interested in putting together; in an equal partnership, a limited amount of assets to purchase Viable Agricultural land near the beautiful California/Oregon coast.

Like the Amish, we will build each others  (link) Cotswold style   Rammed Earth Brick Homes, so each of us will own our homes out right, with NO monthly mortgage! 

At the same time we will purchase and build our infrastructure of sustainable utilities. With stand alone utility systems we can produce our own water, Gas, Electricity and Sewage facility.  As you will see in this web page; links to proven, Economical "turn key" utility systems that we can assemble ourselves and maintain ourselves. We only pay for the material costs of each utility- NO monthly utility bills! 


Our Income...

Because we are a Commercially Viable Farming Community we will produce on a Commercial Level the majority of our Organic food we consume and sell the surplus to generate income for each Working Member. A comprehensive list of Fruit, Vegetables, Game animals, Fowl, Production Animals and Fish Aquacultures will keep us well supplied with a diverse selection of Food and Income.

Each of these food streams and our value added food products will be provided free to all Community Members and Resident Guests.*  All excess food products can then be sold through our Farmers Markets, to the general public through our Village Street Store located in our public business area and Mail order. Profits generated from the sale of our community products will be given back to Working Members* in the form of a Monthly Dividend Check. A percentage of the total profit will go to our Betterfields Trust Foundation to pay for Health Care Insurance, replacement parts to maintain the utilities as well as make bulk purchases of common household items that we can not make ourselves. If you have any doubts about what we can achieve, here is a link to a very successful Community that is similar to our goal.  Mt. Olive Organic Farms.


          What will our homes look like?

     Approved Architectural details are reflected in the following link:   Storybook Homes 

"The Truly tiny Collection" plan book best represents the size of our Communities Homes.



Our homes will have their own custom magical style and floor plan to fit your needs as well as follow our Communities  Architectural Style.  The reasons for this Architectural Style is to create and manage the Communities Architectural Theme. This theme is the foundation of our tourism industry; providing the Community with even more unique business opportunities to generate Income for us. A few examples are a Bed & Breakfast, a Church for weddings, Small Hobbit homes in the woods for weekend Rentals. etc.

 The  Architectural style also provides us with our own Uniform Building Standard. Our homes and buildings will follow the same construction and building techniques. This way, when we build each others homes there will be no question on how we build our doors, windows or how they will look or how they will be attached to a wall.  This construction uniformity makes building our homes affordable, fast, efficient and easy for us to assemble.

As an example of the cost to build our homes, the photos below show a 900 square foot home with a material cost of only $25,000. Click on the first photo to view a short video about this home. Depending on local building codes, we may not be able to use a straw & clay building method, this is why we are leaning toward the Rammed Earth Brick construction. This method of construction is also easy for a lay person to learn.  


                     Our homes will feature

Compressed Earth Brick Walls. 

Natural Earth and Venetian Plasters.

Exposed timber Frame Trusses.

Natural Stone Fireplaces.

Tile, Concrete and Granite Counter tops.

Hardwood Floors.

Hand Crafted Leaded Glass Windows.

Hand Crafted Doors. 

In designing your home, it is important to design the home that you love... Applying this idea to every aspect of your home makes it uniquely yours. If you don`t love it, its not worth being apart of. I want you to have a home in a Community that you love and cant wait to get back home to when you are away. Only then, it is worth it!


Homes and Building projects are designed to be clustered along the undulations of the land, disturbing the natural landscapes as little as possible. The result creates a closer relationship between the Community Members and the surrounding natural beauty. These methods also allow the Community to reserve green areas of  Food Forest Gardening that embrace our homes in a forest like setting. 

A Community of hamlets connected by meandering country roads and footpaths that make walking easier than getting in a car.  Native and Eatable plants combined with floral organic landscaping techniques are used throughout, eliminating the need for chemicals and expensive lawn maintenance.  A village of private organic gardens and Community farms. A place where you can stroll to our "Village Street" of stores that serves us as well as the surrounding population.       


                                                   The Village Street...




       Provides a business interface between ourselves and the general public.  It is here at our Village Stores we can sell for profit our surplus meat, poultry, dairy, fish, fruits, vegetables, preserves and dry goods.

  In the early stages of our development, it is likely we will start with a Farmers Market, Restaurant and General Store.  As we progress, the Village Street will expand to serve our Tourism Industry and be home to our Fresh Bake & Coffee shop with a outdoor dining experience, Bed & Breakfast, and more.                                      

 Here, you’ll find attention to artistic detail, from the tiny glowing tree lights for the Village Square, to the leaded glass bay windows that adorn the quaint little shops.                                                                                               



                           Organic Food Forest Farming






   Our community supports a sustainable form of agriculture that relies on Food Forest, crop rotation, green manure, compost, compost tea, biological pest control, and mechanical cultivation etc...  We will exclude the use of synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, plant growth regulators, livestock feed additives, and genetically modified plants......OK, seedless Grapes are nice.





Aquaponics is the symbiotic cultivation of hydroponic plants and aquatic fish in a recirculating environment. This system allows us to farm raise fresh water fish and use the effluent-rich water to grow eatable plants. The water, now cleaned by the plants, is returned to the aquatic fish environment and the cycle continues over again.  These fish farming system take little effort to manage and can yield to us a wide variety of food and income.  Symbiotic relationships between Greenhouse plants and Aquaculture tanks of  Trout, Tilapia, perch and Fresh Water Shrimp and bass will provide a diverse year around selection of delicious Fruit, Vegetables, Culinary Herbs and Medical Herbs, as well as community income.     

Salmon would be fantastic but requires a filtered ocean water source.

                                 Here is a great video link on Aquaponics.  


       Here is a working example of year around greenhouse food production.                                                                                                                                                    

                                                             (link)  Growing power






                 ~Organic Waste Treatment~



             Our Sustainable Community will produce Organic Waste in many forms. These waste products include, Human & Animal Manure, Agricultural & Food Processing Waste.  These waste streams have tremendous energy potential and to simply treat them for disposal is short sighted.  The majority of Organic Waste will be treated in a unique multi stage process, first involving the use of  a Biogas Digester. 

  Through a simple Anaerobic process the Digester will produce Methane gas for cooking, refrigerators and freezers as well as the production of electricity.

 The following is a link to a digester company that is well suited for our needs for the  production of Methane Gas.                                            

    Methane Biogas Digester link:       GHD, Inc.


 Once Biogas Digestion is complete, the Liquid Nutrient can be used as a liquid fertilizer or be diluted  and sent through a series of Constructed Wetlands. These Wetlands "polish" the water and finish the job of removing Nitrogen, Phosphorus and any remaining pathogens.

 The Living Machine® system is perfectly matched to take grey and black water from the Community and purify the water through its advanced wetland system. The visible portion of the Living Machine® system will host a variety of lush flora and fauna, while wastewater will flow below the surface in watertight cells and pore spaces between rock particles so there is no smell, mosquitoes, or human exposure.The water produced by a Living Machine system is high-quality, clear water capable of being reused for a variety of functions within the Community, including irrigation, toilet flushing, washing equipment or animal areas, filling landscape water features (i.e. fish ponds and fountains) and other such uses.                                 



                                  The living Machines home page ~     Living Machine 


       Photos of wastewater treatment systems by Living Machine  


                                                               ~Fresh water~



        A fresh water supply is a must for our community.

 The best source of unlimited supply is the Ocean. (requiring our community to be ocean front property). Other sources may have limitations on its supply  ( rain, stream & groundwater ).   Regardless of water source: Water conservation, filtration and purification will be necessary. The links below offer a viable solution and require different energy demands.


  ECHOTec Watermakers are manufacturers of desalination systems for yachts, commercial vessels, offshore installations and for land based operations such as small communities and hotels. ECHOTec system uses Reverse Osmosis and requires electricity to operate.

                                           link               ECHOTec













                                                                           Legal notice

   During the Developing Process Betterfields Community reserves the right to make changes without prior notice. Those of us who are working in Task Groups for the development of the Betterfields Community are making every effort to build our Community as described in this web page. It is important all parties concerned understand that circumstances beyond our control may force changes in our Community Goals and that Community Members and/or Betterfields Community shall not be held liable for such changes.  



       Thank You

       Richard Swain 

         Betterfields Community Founder