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I have posted the most common questions here. If you don't see an answer to your question and it relates to the general audience then submit your question by clicking on the Contact Us link at the Bottom of this page. If your question relates to you personally, then send me a private email at 

Questions about the construction of the Community.

Jobs within and outside the Community

  1. Will there be jobs in the Betterfields Community for every member?

    Yes!  Betterfields is a Working Community. We will supply our own food and utilities. This will create many job opportunities for us all.  We will always have a food product to sow, harvest or prepare, a utility to monitor, or a product to assemble. Work hours may very from day to day depending on our needs. Every working Member within the Betterfields Community will receive a Dividend Check at the end of the Month based on the total products sold during that Month. Some members provide an Education for our children, others provide Utilities for our homes, others work in Agricultural, Horticulture and Aquaponics to produce products free to us and the surplus sold to produce our income. Retired members may work or volunteer their time at their discretion. We all work together to provide food, income and security for everyone. "Working together to build a profit sharing Community". 

  2. Will Members be working outside the Community?

    Members are owners of the Betterfields Community and as such are obligated to work a five day workweek, 6 to 8 hours per day for the Community unless you are a retired member. Members are free to pursue private incomes after hours* if they like and are not required to pay a percentage of private income to the Community Trust. The Betterfields Community can not support a private income venture in any way.*  Soon I will have links attached to these Astrix`s.

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How do you imagine the costs being shared?

  1. Not everyone will have the same financial potential, how will you work this out?

    We have a few categories for people to join Betterfields. Ideally, at this point in time we are trying to gather members that have the financial ability to contribute to the purchase our Land, material cost of the construction of their Home, Infrastructure and shared Utilities. The cost estimate for this is now around $80k usd. for each founding full paying member and is subject to change as we progress with more members.

    The second category is for those who have a desirable skill for the Community & yet fall a little short of the financial requirements to be a full paying member. Those who fall into the second category will be able to contribute their needed skill to the construction and operation of the community. These members, like everyone, must be able to pay for their own building materials for their home ie. Plumbing & electrical materials, toilets, sinks, faucets and other home items that we can not make ourselves, as well as provide a deposit for the land & utility.  Second category members must contribute a percentage of their community income back to the Betterfields Trust to reimburse the founding members for their share of land & infrastructure cost until a fully paid membership is achieved. The requirements of this category are still being worked out and is subject to change. Each Second category member must be considered for membership on a case by case basis. Click Here to view the First & Second category members.

  2. If I leave the Betterfields Community, can I get my money back?

    The share that a member has bought into has a monetary value on the open market. Should you decide to leave you can offer your share for sale to anyone who qualifies as a buyer. The Betterfields Trust will assist in helping you find a buyer to make your exit a smooth transition.

  3. Are their any Membership Fees or Dues?

    Not at this time, But they are coming soon. So far, everything that we have done has been free.  Myself and a few Members are taking a free class on how to set up our legal structure. After this is completed, a Trust Account for Betterfields will be set up for all concerned. From this account we will pay for services that are out of our hands like legal fees, City Planing fees, etc. After this account is set up we will start to charge for membership in order to fund this Account. The membership Fees will be fair and equal to those Members who join early or later. This Account will be fully disclosed to all Fee paying Members.

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Questions about the construction of the Community.

  1. In building my home, what are my financial responsibilities?

    You are responsible for all of the cost of materials to build your home. Betterfields can keep the costs of our homes to a minimum by making volume purchases of the materials to build our homes with other Community structures. Like the Amish, a significant amount of money will be saved as Community members organize to build each of our homes with no labor costs. We will save further by building the expensive items for our homes ourselves, these items include Custom Doors, Windows, Roof Trusses, Floors and Cabinets. etc. 

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